4 Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a Damaged Car

Those days when you needed to visit an auto body shop every time you faced an issue with a used vehicle are gone. Nowadays you can easily obtain a detailed history report of such a vehicle at the click of a button before you purchase. Having said that, if you are eager to buy a car at an auction, which you know has been involved in an accident recently, what should you ideally do? Make sure you go through the following 4 considerations.

1. Extent of damage

On learning that a car is an accident car, consider how bad the accident was. If a vehicle history services company terms the damage as minor and that the vehicle was driven from the scene, it shouldn’t bother you at all. Most probably it was just a scrape or dent. On the other hand, if it is tagged as major damage and that the car was towed away from the crash site, it raises a red flag. Have the car inspected thoroughly to get the correct information.

2. Quality of repair

Find out who fixed the damaged car and how. Was it a factory certified mechanic or just a local body shop? A random look at the vehicle can reveal if the repair work was haphazard or thorough. The mechanic should not cut corners or ignore any underlying issues.

3. Status of title

Another big question to consider when you're looking at salvage cars is the title status. Many states issue a salvage title to a vehicle when cost of repairs exceeds its present market value. Meanwhile, a vehicle gets a rebuilt title when the state has inspected a repaired car and stated that it meets safety criteria. So, know the title to make your choice wisely.

4. Resale value

Last but not least, consider the resale value of such wrecked cars. If you buy a car for instance in the USA knowing that it was previously involved in an accident, it is more than likely the next buyer in your state will find out the same thing. So, if you have paid less than the market value on such a vehicle, keep in mind you won't get as much when you sell it making it a tough sell.

Wrap Up

If you just keep these points in mind, there is not much left to worry about. You can go to any online or offline auction sales and try your luck at landing a decent car at a rock-bottom price. Just stay clear about the deal.


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