5 Tips to Follow When Buying a Salvage Car

Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions for most of us. Owing to the high prices and taxes on new cars, some people prefer investing in used, salvage and rebuilt cars over new cars. If you too are planning to buy a salvage car in Miami, or any other part of the U.S., online auctions provide you a wide range of salvage vehicles at affordable rates. In this post, we discuss five tips that you need to follow before you participate in an online car auction. Take a look.    

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1. Decide What Your Budget Is

Before participating in an auction, it’s important to decide your budget so that you don’t end up buying a vehicle that costs you more than you could have easily afforded. When buying a used or retile car, keep the repair costs in mind because it’s not necessary that you get a vehicle in mint condition. Most of the vehicles need repair, either big or small. In fact, you need to consider various other costs such as auction fees, storage and shipping charges that will add to the final value of the vehicle you’re buying.

2. Do Extensive Research

While the internet can’t give you all the information required to buy a vehicle from an auction, but it can provide you a base to start shopping for the makes and models of the vehicle that fits your requirements and budget. Before you participate in an auction, it’s advisable to research on the Internet about used cars, their make and models, and the meaning of titles given to them.

3. Learn About the Auction Process

Many people either get carried away or confused during the auction process, especially if they are first time bidders or when they register with a new online car auction site. To avoid such issues, it is advisable to go to the website and read about the online auction process. You can also read about the experiences of several used car buyers on the Internet and learn about the mistakes they made.

4. Get an Inspection Done  

If you are planning to buy a vehicle from an online auction, it’s advisable to get the vehicle inspected to know it’s exact condition. Make sure you inspect a vehicle for issues such as fluid spills, engine noise, and odometer rollback. There are some websites that might not allow the inspection of a vehicle you’re buying, in that case, turn and walk away.

5. Request a Vehicle History Report

When you buy a used car, it’s important to know its history. A vehicle history report tells you about the vehicle’s owner and manufacturer details, makes and models, repairs and accidents. You can request a VIN report from the auction you’re participating to ensure that you are investing in a worthy deal. Most websites provide a free basic vehicle history report however, if you want to get a detailed report about the vehicle, buy a premium vehicle history report from a reputable source.


Buying a vehicle with a salvage title is more affordable as compared to buying a used car with a clean title. You must, however, follow the tips mentioned in this post, to make sure you don’t end up making the wrong deal. Whether you’re planning to buy a rebuilt title car for sale in Florida, Miami or any other part of US, bid on a vehicle only if it fits your budget, and if it has a clear history.


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